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Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?

"Whispers in the Dark " Mary Kay Neumann, Watercolor 22x30

"Whispers in the Dark" Mary Kay Neumann, Watercolor 22x30

I've been very busy working in my studio, listening incessantly to the soundtrack of "Hamilton". The story of our country fighting for freedom has been a balm to my soul, and I had the great privilege to see the musical live in Chicago last week. One of the questions in "Hamilton" is "who lives, who dies, who tells your story?"

Part of my story has just been told, as I have been selected as a featured artist in the online gallery Artsy Shark. It is an honor to be included. The core of my artistic story is this: to create artwork that shines a light on the crises of climate change and inspire people to become involved in a way that is meaningful to them. Can we let this crises become an opportunity for us to change in ways that benefit all of earth's creatures?

If you are interested in seeing me in awe of a sunflower sea star, scroll to the bottom of the article here!